"Wherever there are in any country uncultivated lands and unemployed poor, it is clear that the laws of property have been so far extended as to violate a natural right. The earth is given as a common stock for men to labor and live on. The small landowners are the most precious part of a state."

--Thomas Jefferson

Some facts:

-- Lawns cover 30 million acres of the United States.

-- Americans spend $750,000,000 on grass seed.

-- Americans spend $25,000,000,000 (that's billion) on lawn and garden care.

-- Lawns are the largest agricultural sector in the country.

-- In metropolitan areas, approximately 33% of some air pollutants come from small engines of lawn and garden equipment, e.g., lawn mowers.

-- The lawns in the United States consume 270,000.000,000 (billion) gallons of water per week.

-- Homeowners use 10 times more chemical pesticides per acre on lawns than do farmers on crops.

There are more facts, just as sobering.


I make something of an effort to de-politicize this site. This page is the exception. No matter what our persuasions, we all eat to survive. Feeding myself is a fundamental Natural Right.


H.R. bill 845 could mean the death of small farms.

It could mean that my friend Sue, who lives out in Mason and who has a few acres with a few chickens, which lay a few eggs, which she sells to the office ladies, could be fined $10,000+ if she doesn't register as a "food" provider and doesn't comply with regulations yet to be determined.

I like the taste of farm-fresh eggs.

Really-- WTF? How did we get here if not on farm eggs and home gardens?

The bill was introduced by a CT Rep whose hubbie is under contract with Monsanto. Go figure.

Give some serious thought to putting fruits, vegetables, and herbs in your front yard.

Show 'em.

Guerilla Farmers

wage war on the front lawn!

In a democratic republic,

the majority rules,

but is morally obligated to

respect the natural rights of the


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